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FTSE TMX Canada Indices
February 13, 2018 – 07:08 am
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FTSE TMX Global Debt Capital Markets (formerly PC-Bond / DEX) is the predominant provider of fixed income indices in Canada, best known for the Universe Bond Index, and also is the leading provider of Gilt (UK government bond) indices and also a significant fixed income player in international markets.

FTSE TMX indices are used as benchmarks for approximately $2 trillion in assets globally, invested across ETFs, mutual funds, and segregated mandate.

FTSE TMX also provides to clients the PC-Bond analytical system has been the market leader in fixed income portfolio management software in Canada since 1985. This institutional client based software offers five powerful programs to turn raw market data into investment information to assist clients in their investment decisions.

FTSE TMX, through its FASTQUOTE data licensing, also provides to clients end of day pricing for 20, 000 Canadian Fixed Income instruments generated by its patented Multi Dealer Pricing model. This model offers independent valuation by utilizing CUSIP level pricing from the leading eleven Dealers in Canada, while monitoring all trades and lead dealer information.

Fixed Income Indexes in Canada

Marina Mets, Director of FTSE TMX provides an overview of FTSE’s Canadian fixed income index range and explores their applications for institutions and product issuers
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